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  • Getting Ready For Summer

    Summer’s coming, and that leads to the same ol’ question my fans ask over and over again: “Donny, how do you get in great shape for swimsuit-season?”

    OK, I’ve never actually been asked that question.

    But just like you, I see my activities pick up each summer. I’ve got three grandchildren – and one on the way!

    And they love to go to the pool, and to picnics and family barbecues. We all love to swim and to play games and have fun. And that means Grandpa has to be in shape!

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: My sister, Marie, and I do shows in Las Vegas almost every night. And we’re even performing in Atlantic City for a week this summer. I like to give my best to the wonderful fans who travel quite a ways to see our shows.

    Sooooooooo. . . I like to make sure I get regular exercise and eat right. That means I work out with a personal trainer at least three times a week. I love to eat fruits and veggies, especially when they’re so fresh and delicious in the summer.

    And I always limit how much fat I eat, and never, ever have any alcohol or tobacco. And of course, I take my supplements — including Protandim, which helps reduces oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days.

    That way people get the best show possible. And the grandkids get the youngest Grandpa possible!

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