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  • Exercise Throughout Your Day

    It’s summertime, and everywhere you look, you see people working out, right? Folks are riding their bikes or jogging on trails or doing laps in the neighborhood pool. And you think to yourself – I don’t have time for a full work-out.

    Well, I’ve been reading some articles on fitness, and the good news is, you don’t have to do a daily workout all at once. We can all find 10 minutes here and there throughout the day. Do three 10-minute sessions, and you’ve done a full day’s workout.

    So here are some tips from fitness experts.

    • Get up just 10 minutes early and take your dog for a walk.
    • Once you get to the office, find 10 minutes to do push-ups and squats.
    • After you get home from work, do 10 minutes of yoga, with help from a DVD or an on-demand exercise channel.
    • Throughout the day, takes the stairs instead of the elevator, and park far away from the front door of the office so you can get in some bonus walking to and from the car.
    All those small things add up to one healthy you!

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