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  • Pioneer Trail Experience

    I just did something over the weekend that I’ve wanted to do all my life — I actually walked the pioneer trial in Wyoming for three days, pushing a handcart; just like the early pioneers did back in 1856.

    We patterned our trail after the Willie/Martin Handcart Company that traveled from Illinois to Utah. Thank goodness I didn’t walk that far — 15 miles was enough for me.

    I don’t know how the early pioneers did it, cause I barely made it. However we all had a great time in the Sweetwater River; a little relief from the heat.

    Below are a few pictures from my trip from the last couple days.

    Josh and I had a great time

    Debbie and I were worn out after three days

    Having fun in the Sweetwater River

    Carrying Debbie across the river

    Crossing the Sweetwater River

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