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  • MAD Summer Updates

    Over the summer, these ten people have worked hard to Make A Difference (MAD) in their communities. would like to highlight these projects, and share what they have been up to.

    The updates below come directly from the organizers of the various organizations.

    To these ten MAD people, “Thank you for making a difference!”

    Laurie with “A Child’s Chance to Play”

    With summer in full swing and schools currently not in session, “A Child’s Chance to Play” has been busy focusing on fundraising efforts and planning new fundraisers and activities over the past two months. I have also been meeting with school representatives, athletic directors and gym teachers discussing recess needs and the most critical areas to focus on first for the new school year.

    My main fundraiser to date, “A Child’s Chance to Play” M.A.D Recipe Collection cookbook (which is a collection of over 450 recipes (received from fans, friends and family) has been completed. To date, I have sold over 125 cookbooks! You too can help make a difference in the life of a child today!!! Remember that the physical and emotional health of an entire generation is at risk. My goal is to sell a minimum of 500 cookbooks.

    Please visit our website today and order your copy of “A Child’s Chance to Play M.A.D Cookbook” at You may also order cookbooks through PayPal using the account name, or you can e-mail your order directly to me by contacting me at Don’t forget to pick up a few extra copies for birthday gifts, or some early holiday shopping. Also available on the website are personalized note cards are also now available in the website with more items in the near future.

    If you prefer to simply make a donation to “A Child’s Chance to Play”, you will find a “Donations” tab on the website (or you can donate through PayPal also).

    These items will be available locally at St.Peter’s Parish Picnic the weekend of 8/3 – 8/15, as well as at their “Reunion Gathering” on 9/15. I am also preparing for other events for fundraisers though the holidays.

    With the recent funds from the sale of the cookbooks, I have started making up “Recess Bins” that will be distributed to grades K-8 at St. Peter’s School in Lorain, Ohio. This bins will contain basketballs, kick balls, bats, baseballs, Frisbees, jump ropes, and more to help keep all children active during recess periods. In addition, I am making up “Walk for Fitness” cards which will be distributed to each child in each classroom. The children will be able to walk laps around the playground areas and get their card punched for each lap completed. The classroom and the individual student in the school will win a prize!

    “A Child’s Chance to Play” has also joined Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” program to extend its outreach in getting more children active. For more information on the “Let’s Move” program, visit

    For more information about “A Childs Chance to Play” M.A.D. program, please visit us at or on Facebook.

    Gayle with “Blessings in a Backpack”

    As the summer progresses, I am still working on partnering with local businesses to provide a portion of their proceeds to Blessings in a Backpack. One of my favorite restaurants, Sunrise Cafe in Henderson (shameless plug) will be providing food and requesting that their distributors do as well. I have also been fortunate to have someone who commissioned a motorcycle helmet to be painted by a local company and then raffled off. The last helmet commissioned raised $40,000 at $5 a ticket. I certainly hope this will raise the same amount but I will be happy with a fraction of that. I will be figuring out a way to let everyone see the helmet when completed and to purchase raffle tickets. I will also be traveling to motorcycle races and anywhere else I can think of to sell raffle tickets. Good thing I have a reliable car!!! I also plan to liase with several of the local casinos to see if I can sell the raffle tickets at events like Nashville Unplugged. So you can see, it will be busy in the months to come. Close to $9000 has been raised which will feed over 100 children. You all rock!!! Remember, anyone who wants to donate can reach me at

    Kelly with “Doggie in the Window”

    As I was trying to decide what to write for DITW’s summer update, I found myself at a loss for words that would adequately convey to everyone the obstacles that we face in the fight against puppy mills.  Because pictures can sometimes tell a story so much better than words, I decided to present my update in the form of a video.

    Annette with “Making a Difference for Seniors”

    Since our last update we’ve been pretty busy. On June 14th we delivered over 500 pounds of canned food items for the 25 home-based care seniors we adopted through the Charles City, Virginia Department of Social Services. Our church will continue to collect canned goods so we can periodically deliver more food to Social Services for those who need it.

    On July 13th we delivered 25 “Storm Survival Kits for Seniors.” The kits are very necessary as we have had many devastating storms that left some citizens in this area without electricity for up to 9 days…and hurricane season is just starting. The items for each kit were placed in a plastic bin containing a case of bottled water, six large cans of tuna fish, a large jar of peanut butter, plastic cutlery, a manual can opener, a flashlight w/batteries, a box of wet ones, and band-aids. The kits were completed thanks to the generosity of my church members, co-workers, friends and family members who either donated the items or cash for us to buy items. I still have some money left so that plus any new donations will go toward the next project: “Santa for Seniors.” We want to provide some good cheer and gifts to our 25 adopted seniors by filling a large box with goodies and personal items the seniors need or want. The social services office will provide us with a list of our adopted seniors by gender, age, and size and we’ve asked them to ask the seniors what they would like or need.

    We are “Making a Difference for Seniors!”

    Linda with “MAD About Bullying”

    With school being out for the summer, I have been busy researching more anti-bullying initiatives to present in the fall and winter months. I have been in contact with the President of a Canadian bulling reporting program and I will be working on anti-bulling programs, friendships/feelings and parent support groups for their program. We are looking at hiring more volunteers, speaking to school districts and developing more school resources. To help with funding, we are looking for some corporate sponsors. A fundraising initiative will also start in September.

    I also developed a fact sheet about bullying for parents of children ages 2-6 yrs. This information sheet was posted for approximately 300 parents in our school community. It was titled “What is Bullying” and it talked about verbal abuse, emotional abuse, unequal power, hurtful actions, feelings, empathy and how bullying lasts a lifetime. What can parents do? How can they help and mentor their children when they are young so they do not become a bully. Children cannot do this themselves. It is a power struggle that is difficult to change without the help of an adult. This information sheet also included suggestions for their child if they are being bullied. Who to turn to for help and how to find helpful resources in the community.

    On a regular basis, I speak to children between the ages of 2-6 about how they should be treating others. We talk about their feelings when we don’t treat them right and how sad we become when others say bad things. I read age appropriate books to them and get them involved in the conversation. (Words are not for Hurting, Bully Beans etc). The children are very engaged in these stories and it makes them think about their words and actions to others.

    I am looking forward to growing this important program much further once school gets back in September.

    Thanks again for this opportunity!


    Michelle with “Brown Bags filled with Love and Hope for Kids and Pets”

    Wow! Summer is coming to an end, and the kids will be back in school soon. This is an update on what is happening at Brown Bags filled with Love and Hope for Kids and Pets! Visit our website at (MAD Program) which has updated information about the projects and fundraisers that will be happening to support the causes at Brown Bags filled with Love and Hope for Kids and Pets.

    Brown Bags filled with Love and Hope for Kids will be resuming and distributing their weekly donations of sack lunches to the students soon in September. Each student will be provided with a sack lunch containing a protein, fruit, vegetable, milk product and grain to take home with them for over the weekend for a healthy balanced snack. We are looking forward to packing 190 of these sack lunches provided to 3 local elementary schools each week, or 570 sack lunches per month. Community members help package these lunches each week to send home with the children. Remember these lunches put many smiles on their faces each week, and are filled with love and hope for kids. The summer BBQ events in June, July and soon August have been great fun for both the adults and children. They were provided with a picnic BBQ as well as a family style Brown Bag that provides approximately four meals for the entire family to take home. A fun time was especially enjoyed by all.

    Next is our update on Brown Bags filled with Love and Hope for Pets. Coming soon, will be the annual online auction starting on September 4. This auction runs for eight weeks and makes anywhere from $20k-$30k each year, and is the biggest event of the year. Right now, we are still collecting useable items from family, friends, community members and local businesses for the auction. Please visit our website at (MAD Program) and follow the link provided to the online auction website. Remember you can also donate here at this website (Donate Here) a 501c(3) and scroll down. Then, on September 15 we will be hosting another annual yard sale for the dogs. Last year we raised over $1,000 in one day selling old treasures. These funds provide feeding, medical care, and the rescue of local dogs. Of course, we have the dogs on site to promote their cause too, with their wagging tails and wet kisses of thank you to everyone.

    Please continue to look for updates from Brown Bags filled with Love and Hope for Kids and Pets!

    Thanking all of those great volunteers!

    Cathy with “Life Unexpected”

    This summer updates to the web site and Facebook have been ongoing. Key additions are a General Health information link including MS symptoms, Lupus, Woman’s health, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, etc.; a link to the FEMA disaster preparedness web page; information for other MAD programs and their events, and support for other charities.

    The past two months have seen disasters, such as the wildfires in Colorado, tornadoes, storms, and droughts. Financial support was given again to the Red Cross for their support for this and other disasters. There were victims of mass murder at the Aurora, CO movie theater and information was provided to help parents discuss such tragedies with their children.

    Support was given to the QVC Super Saturday Sale supporting Ovarian Cancer Research Fund on Saturday July 28th. My mother was a victim of Ovarian Cancer and this is something I want to help wipe out. Information on Ovarian Cancer was also provided. Support was given to National Transplant Week July 9-15th.

    Information was provided for travel emergencies. This is something anyone can use, but it is extemely helpful during the summer months when many of us travel. Many states provide a roadside assistance number and some have free roadside assistance in emergencies.

    There was also the computer DNS Changer virus and information was provided to check your computer and remove the virus if found.

    Unexpected moments are not always bad and we shared some of the happier unexpected moments too, such as Donny Osmond calling 15 people. That was a truly happy unexpected moment for the recipients. We also shared unexpected moments such as winning a scholarship and finding out you’re going to be a grandparent or that you’ve got the job of your dreams.

    Information on various topics is being added from visitors to the site and passed on to others. This a one of the most important aspects of the site, to provide information to others on life’s unexpected moments. Activity to the web site and Facebook has increased by over 3000%.

    Content will continue to be added and we look forward to developing merchandise to support charities and fundraisers. We will continue to grow the site and reach more and more people – our main goal is to provide support for the unexpected.

    Have a great rest of the summer!

    Jennie with “PRISM”

    Well here we are in August and what an incredible summer it’s been for PRISM! After what seemed to be a challenging start, our summer program took off and continues to thrive! We have some incredible and special young adults in our summer program. We are breaking new ground everyday in helping not only these young people reach new levels in their skills and development, but we are reaching out to others, educating our community, creating opportunities and so much more.

    We’ve been to various job sights where local businesses, be it restaurants, retailers and other facilities have generously given their time and training to us. Whatever the special individual abilities each of our young adults possess, they were able to challenge themselves and achieve new heights .

    We’ve had everything from weekly swim therapy, cooking classes, community service days and many fun activities and ongoing life coaching……and this is only the beginning! With the continued support of the Miracle League, we now have a place to call home. I feel so blessed to be a part of this organization and so proud of everyone involved and I’m so excited to begin the next chapter! It is beyond remarkable to watch this amazing group find a sense of pride, esteem, comaraderie and well, PURPOSE,RELATIONSHIPS,INDEPENDENCE,SERVICE and MENTORSHIP, all that PRISM represents.

    We are so grateful for the MAD program, the community support, the volunteers and staff who have made all of this possible. We are still in the early stages of getting PRISM fully launched but with a successful summer program under our belt, we have many more programs set in place for the rest of year and see endless growth potential! We will continue to update our community and of course Donny and all of the “Donny.commers and MAD supporters and participants with all ongoing PRISM activity. You can also visit our facebook page at MAD4PRISM. For any other information from enrollment, volunteering or contributions, please contact me via facebook or email.

    On behalf of Kim, Marilynn, myself and the entire PRISM team, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

    The statements and opinions contained within this post do not necessarily represent the statements or opinions of, it’s employees, and other affiliations.

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