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  • More Valentine’s Day Music

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE is available on Amazon and iTunes:

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    Soundtrack Of My Life is Donny’s 60th album and features a medley of songs, where each track tells a story of both his professional and personal life. Songs like, My Cherie Amour, by Stevie Wonder, who coincidentally played harmonica on this latest version. Other hits include, Ben by Micheal Jackson; Your Song by Elton John; and Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel.

    …AND, be sure to download the companionship app, which features pictures, stories and clips from each of the songs. Order THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE, on Amazon or iTunes, today!

    After you purchase THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE, don’t forget to download a few more archived Love Songs¬†for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

    The following songs are not included in THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE, but are a collection of Love Songs, which Donny recorded throughout his illustrious 50 years in entertainment.

    Free to download…

    (To download, click on a song title. Then, click on the “download” download button icon on the subsequent page.)

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