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“As I’ve traveled all over the world, the fact that I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has caused a lot of interesting questions. I’ve received so many letters and e-mails asking things like, What are the basic beliefs of Latter-day Saints?”

Debby & Donny Osmond

My Testimony


…Some want to know how Debbie and I have been able to maintain a strong marriage — over all these years — while living in the world of show business. Others want to know how we dealt with the challenges of raising a close and happy family in such difficult times.

How do we maintain a balance between work, and family life? Well, you know it’s not always easy, but the following pages are my attempt to explain a way of life that helps answer these kinds of questions. It gives me stability in a world, and in a business, that can be uncertain, compromising, and stressful. It’s the pattern that gives me direction in my life. And, I hope that this information will help answer some of your questions.

Questions & Answers

  • Seeking

    Almost 3 years ago, I lost someone who I was very close to and who helped me through some very dark times in my life. Since his passing, I’ve found myself struggling with my relationship with God and I have been having a difficult time rebuilding my relationship with Him and I am wondering if you have any advice on how to make my personal relationship with God stronger.

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  • Questions of Faith

    Hi Donny, You just don’t know how much I have been struggling with my feelings of faith lately.  Not that I don’t have it.  I love God, I am a true follower of Jesus Christ but I have lost faith in my church. I have been searching for so long for my place in the Spiritual world. I read my Bible everyday, I pray to God everyday I have a Faith journal that I write in everyday.  I don’t even begin my day without spending at least 30 minutes with God.  My issue has been the politics, the meanness and the Sunday Christians that I have been involved with over the years.


    I feel like I am receiving a sign from God, so let me ask you what you think.  I am not going to sit here and say that I never followed the Osmond’s  From the time I was 5 I knew all about you and your family. Years past by and life went on and before too long you guys were a childhood memory to me.


    One day I turned on Pandora radio at work, turned on the 70’s channel and I heard this song called “Can’t get There Without You” When I realized it was the Osmond’s I needed more.  That was the first sign for me.  Then…I started seeing all these spiritual quotes on FB from your brother Allen and one day he posted an add about Health and Wellness, Well I have been going through a lot of emotional stuff, my marriage was failing, my dad had just passed away, my son turned 18 and didn’t need his mom anymore, my job was closing it’s doors, I needed something because no matter how much I prayed, I didn’t feel anything good was happening, or was it??? I inquired about the Wellness Info on the web having no idea that I would soon get a phone call from, yes…Your brother Allen.  I talked to him and Suzanne for quite some time and I still text him from time to time.  Although, never once while talking to him did I mention his career or even that I knew who he was.  I was serious about getting myself straight again.


    Over Easter, he posted some beautiful, spiritual, mind opening information on Facebook and I just find myself intrigued.  I now work for the Public Library in our area, which by the way I am now reading your book and I cannot put it down, anyway, I went over the resource area and found the Book of Mormon and started reading over it.  Needless to say, tonight I have 2 missionaries coming by my house to talk and bring me my own book to read.


    Do you think this could help me?  I always have heard that things happen for a reason so I really feel that hearing that song after over 30 years of losing touch was the first sign, actually talking to your brother was the second.  Do you think God is leading me to where he wants me?  I know that Mormons are so family oriented and I love that so much.  Family is so important to me and unfortunately it is so hard for people to have or even understand family values anymore.  I always put my family above everything.  My boys are the most important things in my life. As you can probably already see, I am searching for something in my spiritual life but I just don’t know what that might be.

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  • Did your faith help you heal when you struggled with anxiety?

    I’ve had an anxiety disorder since my early teens, but this year due to a combination of factors, I became more seriously ill than ever before.

    When you were really suffering, what tricks did you employ to help you manage certain tasks? And did prayer and reflection come in to play a lot for you during these times? Was it your faith that helped keep you afloat through the harder times? Did the bad days ever cause you to question your faith? Do you consider those days a test for you? Or did you feel, that no matter how hard things were, God was always present to comfort you and keep your strength up?

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  • My story… what am I doing wrong?

    My doubt burdens me always. I want to beat it. I want to live free. I want to talk to my past mentors about my new faith and not have their words of hate that I know are coming knock me down. What should I do?

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  • Finding God

    How can I have a personal relationship with God?

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  • I have an LDS question

    The LDS people in this ward are very judgmental to us because we don’t go to church every Sunday and hypocrites. They shun my children my wife and me.  I lost my faith and testimony because of these people and what that man did to destroy my life by losing my home and business and causing my marriage to have issues because of the stress.  I am lost now I don’t what to do I read scriptures I pray and it seams nothing helps. Could you please give me some advice thank you.

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  • Hi Donny

    I found your site and discovered the My Beliefs page and saw that there were many people who were writing to you and giving their testimonies and asking questions. I wanted to give you my testimony of how I came to the Lord.

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  • Will my prayers be answered


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  • General Questions

    I am trouble with the fear of not really knowing where I would go if I would die, afraid to, will say this I have been born again, baptized in water, total under, which I firmly believe in, I believe in laying of hands, baptized in the holy ghost.
    Just don’t know what God has for me.
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