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“As I’ve traveled all over the world, the fact that I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has caused a lot of interesting questions. I’ve received so many letters and e-mails asking things like, What are the basic beliefs of Latter-day Saints?”

Debby & Donny Osmond

My Testimony


…Some want to know how Debbie and I have been able to maintain a strong marriage — over all these years — while living in the world of show business. Others want to know how we dealt with the challenges of raising a close and happy family in such difficult times.

How do we maintain a balance between work, and family life? Well, you know it’s not always easy, but the following pages are my attempt to explain a way of life that helps answer these kinds of questions. It gives me stability in a world, and in a business, that can be uncertain, compromising, and stressful. It’s the pattern that gives me direction in my life. And, I hope that this information will help answer some of your questions.

Questions & Answers

  • Respect/Doctrine

    Although I respect your integrity, your doctrine is still based on original Mormonism and FLDS beliefs.  JS also married under age girls, and other men’s wives. The biggest clue you have that the Mormon church was was started by a false prophet is The Book of Abraham. There are many others. I hope and pray you will search for truth.

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  • Cross or Moroni

    Is Moroni the symbol of your religion? If you don’t like the cross why have him on your church steeples?
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  • LDS Exclusions

    I found your site while googling Word of Wisdom and temple interviews. Thank you!
    I am LDS, but mainly because it’s good for my kids and keeps everybody (family) happy. I do defend the church strongly when it seems appropriate, but I also don’t mind gently teasing members for things that make little sense. I hold no bad ill, but still am bothered by exclusions.
    It always bothered me that blacks were excluded from the church (until 1978).  Once when I questioned the ban, a member told me my thoughts were of the devil.
    I am still bothered that family and friends are not allowed to attend temple weddings (unless meeting strict standards). Parents and siblings are not allowed to  attend weddings of their loved ones. Even active kids are banned from the wedding ceremony – which some leaders are now trying to call ‘only a sealing,’ although no other ceremony follows and most states count the temple ceremony as a legal marriage.
    Coffee drinkers are not allowed to be baptized, teach, or visit the temple. A non-member co-worker always acts confused at us Mormons. She avoids sugar and soda, eats little meat, and eats rabbit food (salads) for lunch. We Mormons bring our cheeseburgers, Jimmy Johns, and energy drinks. We qualify to be members — she does not because she drinks coffee instead of soda.  Even LDS-owned KSL republished an article about studies that showed coffee can expand lifespans.
    Hot drinks: Hot Chocolate is ok.
    Meat sparingly: Church events = lots of meat
    Barley drinks: Gets you banned from baptism & callings.
    I see inconsistency – much is probably just historical since times have changed. Would love to see church updates to meet our times. I have never smoked, had an alcoholic drink or a coffee. But I think it’s sad that we exclude those who do.
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  • Jesus Christ and satan

    Is it correct that your religious cult believe satan and Jesus are brother?

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  • Thank you and my testimony

    Donny. :  I just want to commend you for your wonderful site defending LDS beliefs.  I was actually an investigator for 16 months.  I actually just stopped by randomly at the St George visitor center on my way to Zion NP ( we we’re staying in Vegas and took a day trip.   I wanted to go see that  cool white building.  Well I found we couldn’t go in but met a nice Australian missionary who took questions.  I laid them all out from Book of Mormon archeology to polygamy.  She didn’t argue just shared her faith.  I left that place spinning due to the amazing sweet spirit.

    I found myself in March in Nauvoo on my way back from a trip to Minnesota.  Again met some elder missionaries and the spirit was brimming.  I was no where near converting but I couldn’t quit studying. Been to Nauvoo seven times sense

    Well I met so many wonderful people and a year later joined on March 5th.  I am a passionate defender.  I have done fire sides and now am gospel principle teacher.  Love the church. Your website was a Huge help along the way.  I thank you so much.   I was sitting with my Book of Mormon and an evangelical lady sat in my booth at a donut shop and asked how I could believe that church.  I told her I believed like her but the laid out the pre mortal life and then Why we have temples to help redeem all of Gods children’s through Christ. She was shocked I had answers yet also could pass her quiz on how we are saved.
    It was a great 30 minute chat and respectful (yes she threw out the cult word once).
    Anyway I love to share my testimony and you had a part in it.  Best part of all:

    on APRIL 21 I will be at your show and have VIP tickets.  My name is Tony and can’t wait to meet you.  And it’s my birthday.  my wife is Mary. Huge fans.  She is not a member but she respects my journey although sometimes it’s a bit much.

    Thanks again and God bless you.  You are a true missionary.


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  • Worried About Reincarnation

    Could you please give me some advice please our precious cat was run over by a car 3 weeks ago my husband and i are devastated we loved her so much cant believe this has happened try to keep her safe then this happens.

    I keep wondering if she is in heaven with my loved ones what have died i really hope so what worries me is you read about reincarnation when we die we reincarnate in to another body so if that happens how do we see loved ones i dont want to i want to be with my family and my cats when i die. I believe in god surely he doesn’t want this for us having different family all the time.

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  • Beliefs

    what would you say 2 people who say your faith is a cult? hoping you r ok.

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  • Polygamy and other misunderstandings

    Mormons still practice plural marriage even though its still illegal in the US?

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  • Divorce and Being together forever

    What are the LDS church’s belief about divorce and second husbands/wives?

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