My Beliefs

Donny Osmond

“As I’ve traveled all over the world, the fact that I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has caused a lot of interesting questions. I’ve received so many letters and e-mails asking things like, What are the basic beliefs of Latter-day Saints?”

Debby & Donny Osmond

My Testimony


…Some want to know how Debbie and I have been able to maintain a strong marriage — over all these years — while living in the world of show business. Others want to know how we dealt with the challenges of raising a close and happy family in such difficult times.

How do we maintain a balance between work, and family life? Well, you know it’s not always easy, but the following pages are my attempt to explain a way of life that helps answer these kinds of questions. It gives me stability in a world, and in a business, that can be uncertain, compromising, and stressful. It’s the pattern that gives me direction in my life. And, I hope that this information will help answer some of your questions.

Questions & Answers

  • Why is Moroni on top of your Temples instead of a cross?

    **Question:** Two more questions: No Crosses on your Ward or Temple buildings, but the statue Moroni is at the top of many Temples. Why Moroni and not Jesus ( or crosses )? I have assumed Moroni is heralding the second coming of Christ, is there significance to the direction He faces atop the Temples?

    **Response:** In the book of revelation, the Apostle John said (Rev. 14:6) "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth..." That angel was Moroni, and his place on the top of the temple is significant because of his participation in the restoration of the gospel to the earth in these latter days.

    You also asked if there was significance to the direction Moroni faces atop the temples. There is. The direction is east and that is the direction from which the Savior will come as we see Him when He comes in power and glory (Ezek. 43:1-4).
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