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Entertainment icon Donny Osmond is hosting a new lifestyle-driven music radio show for listeners who are looking for “a friend to help you through your day.” It’s tough enough to make it these days… and the noise level of everyday life can be deafening… but Donny Osmond is the perfect companion to entertain, inform and help make your life easier to live.

  • You’re Friggen Donny Osmond

    During Donny’s solo tour, Basically Yours, a couple weeks ago, he was traveling through Wallingford CT. While there, he drove by “Osmond Street” in East Haven. Surprised by the street, he decided to surprise someone by knocking on his/her door. Donny didn’t know who, he just picked a random house. This lady comes to the door, and the first thing she says is, You’re friggen Donny Osmond!” Both laughed about the randomness of the situation, chatted for a few minutes. Donny then continued on with his tour.

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