50th Anniversary Reunion Concert

January 1, 2008 Las Vegas

Released in 2008

Hands down this is my favorite. It was such a joy to see everyone together again after all these years. IT was also bittersweet too, for some reason, I think because I had a feeling this would be the last time you all would be together, but I sure hope not. I love the last album you all made together, especially, “Remember Me.” That song has special meaning to me.

I saw this concert in Sheffield in the UK.After being a fan since I was around 12 and never getting to see you back then it was a dream fulfilled.When you guys came on stage I cried like a baby.Thank you for the wonderful memories

Wish I’d gone to this concert . I did buy the CD, love DOWN BY THE LAZY RIVER, and CRAZY HORSES, every song is a hit.

So glad, I have this on DVD, a great memory forever!

This was honestly one of my favourite Osmond weekend ever. . I loved it. Meeting Virl and Tom on the way into the showroom was very emotional and set the tone for the whole weekend.

This was the year i became a fan all over again .. Never stopped loving The Osmonds but ..when i married in 78 & had my kids in 79 & 82 ..they were my Number1 priority
Was over the moon to have tickets for the 50th reunion shows & i was blown away by how fantastic EVERY one performed! ..i think i cried more during the first show than ive ever cried in my life ..happy tears tho !
Fast forward to 2018 & ive seen a few Osmond shows .. saw my first ever Donny solo show in 2017 .. ( WOWzers )
& even saw Jimmy a few weeks ago .. ahh he is a lovely man !
Next stop.. has to be Vegas ? .. I’ve heard a rumour it’s a good show 😁😉 lol