Donny and Marie – 2011

January 1, 2011 Las Vegas

This is another album have I listen to a lot.
I love Marie’s ‘ my reflection’ and your’ I have to thank you’ and the harmony on ‘ you can do anything’ is amazing

Like seeing D&M perform, VEGAS LOVE, and A BEAUTIFUL LIFE, at the Flamingo.

Other cool songs include Marie’s, MY REFLECTION; Donny’s, I HAVE YOU TO THANK, and ONE LAST GOODBYE.


My fave D&M album!

Would you consider singing more full songs with Marie in your Vegas show? The medley goes by so fast and you guys are such magic when you perform together. Maybe something from this cd in addition to Beautiful Life which is great. Make the show longer if you have to- we can’t get enough of you guys!

The problem is that we have only 90 minutes to get everything in. We are changing the Hits In the next couple of months.
Thanks Caroline.

Beautiful album .. love all.the.songs ..especially Vegas Love & Beautiful Life

Do you plan on making another album with Marie?

I love the hits medley! Don’t subtract from the show, add! Just sing faster! Lol, just kidding. But I do love the medley and everything you guys sing both together and separate. I love you guys together though. The chemistry is special.

My favorite part of the Vegas show is when you sing (and joke) together. Vegas Love would be a great addition to the show! Also love I Swear & The Good Life. Looking forward to seeing what the changes are very soon 🙂