Eyes Don’t Lie

October 30, 1990 US

Released October 30, 1990

Hi Donny, I have been in love with you and your brothers since I saw you @ The Ohio State Fair in 1971 & 72. I have watched the videos on YouTube many times. I want to let you know that I am Soooooo in love with your album Eyes Don’t Lie. OMGoodness. I’m about to wear it out. I do have a question…. how can I get a purple velvet Donny Osmond Hat. I had one back in the day but it’s gotten lost through the years. That’s all, bye <3

Enjoyed seeing Donny add My Love Is A Fire to his concert.

Of course, Eyes Don’t Lie is an exceptional hit, but lately I really like Make It Last Forever.

‘Just between you and me’ is my favorite song on this one……