Flamingo Building Wrap – 2008

August 1, 2008 Las Vegas

This is when it all began back in 2008!
What was supposed to be a 6 week run, is now over a decade!

First time I went to see your show in 2009 and I saw this wrap of you and Marie, I cried. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to see you for the first time. To see both of you on that Flamingo wrap made me so happy and proud to be your fan. I’ve loved every wrap since then but this one brings back great memories for me.

Nice clip!

cant wait to see the new wrap .. I take it Marie is on it lol whens it gonna be ready

It’s going up as we speak. Should be done by end of March ’18

Thanks Donny .. literally cant wait to see it ..

Thanks Donny … apprieciate your reply

So …the new wraps up at the Flamingo & a very nice wrap it is too 👍
Just wondering , who actually choses the picture for the wraps.. The Flamingo ? Marie & U .. or a joint decision?

Marie and I made this decision.

You made the absolute right choice
All the wrap pics are Perfect 👌

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen each one of The Flamingo wraps, I’ll be seeing the latest one in November. A picture with The Flamingo Donny and Marie wrap in the background is always the obligatory picture that we all have to take when visiting Vegas! 🙂 See you, and the wrap, in November 🙂

Got to our Vegas hotel room and put up the blinds and I screamed because we had a view of the wrap.