Happy Birthday e-card

May 20, 2018

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Donny brings his unmatched showmanship to birthday celebrations everywhere with this humorous song. It’s the latest addition to the Hollywood SmashUpsβ„’ collection of customizable video ecards from American Greetings.
Have Donny do the honors, dancing and singing his way through his fun birthday song that he co-wrote, customized for whomever you choose. People of all ages will be blown away by the personalized (and hilarious!) wishes in which Donny actually sings their name and age for a truly unique birthday greeting. With more than 1,000 names to choose from, it’s easy to make anyone feel special.
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How cute.so excited to see what you have done for American greetings.great job Donny.your awesome in all you do.love it,love you

Love this ..its bsolutely AMAZING .. every fans dream of having Donny singing to them on their Birthday ..can now come true πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ€πŸŽΆ Must of taken ages to sing all the names on the list ?

Happy 56th Birthday on 3rd June

This is brilliant.I love the way you say my name.Looking forward to hearing you say it for real in October

My friends and family are already planning to send me this in November. And I’m sure all other Donny-devotee’s will be receiving it, as well!!

Soooo cool Donny love this idea.and how it works πŸ™‚ isnt technology fantastic!! You do know I will be expecting you to be sitting like that on my Birthday cake too LOL
cant wait till December now for my Birthday xxx

can you get them in england

Yes. Worldwide.

Have U sent one to anyone yet ? πŸ˜€

Quite a few.

I sent one to my friend last week …made her happy πŸ˜€ she was like .. “OMG next to ice.. this is the coolest thing ive ever been sent “

Wow really ! If i give you my email address .. how bout sending me one then lol
#AGirlCanTry 😜

I just might.😊 I put that option on the first page of donny.com.

Did you know that we are related???

Hello πŸ™‚
Just wondering… do we still send in a B/Day greeting request from u on here ? or are you only taking requests on Instagram & Fb ?

It’s on the homepage on Donny.Com

I’ve been a Donny Osmond fan since my teen years ! My inner teenage heart child is skipping a beat in excitement with the possibility of a personalized birthday wish.

This is brilliant Donny! Hoping that someone will send it to me on my birthday, May 21st (hinthint) lol

Donnie. We share the same exact birthday 12-9-57. I am an airline pilot living in Sag Harbor, Long Island. Hope 61 is a great Birthday for both of us! Cfcanavan57@gmail.com

Happy Bietherday to someone who mad teen years happy years away back in the 1970’s thank you and I love you xoxoxoo

Thank you Donny .the card you put together with American greetings has been such a joy.today (January 9 2019 )is my 61 birthday..love the birthday song.I danced along with you lol as I watched it.you are so appreciated for all the talent you share..