My Family

June 13, 2015 Santa Monica Beach, California

That’s my family and I love ’em!

Always a joy to see what you share about your family. They share you so much with us your fans. Family is everything.

Beautiful family Donny!

Gorgeous family!! Love you all!!!

Love this photo. Such a beautiful family and you all look like you’re having a blast!

Beach time my favourite time you all looked like you had a blast . Xx

It’s so nice to see you so relaxed with your family round you

Beautiful family and the love shines through!

Lovely family picture:) thank you.

Such a beautiful and loving family. Family are forever

What a wonderful family photo. Thanks for sharing. πŸ’—

Great Picture !!! THANK YOU for sharing with us your fans !

Beautiful family pic D, thank you for sharing.

So WONDERFUL how you take the time to share your life ( professionally and personally) with us all. THANK YOU.
My brother Michael has been going almost yearly to Vegas to catch Marie’s and your show. Last year in October 2017 I finally made it to Vegas with my brother Michael, my Mum and Dad and my youngest brother.Children and Grandchildren have taken so much of my time that I finally took the time to spend 2 weeks without them and give it to my parents. I am so glad I did because the day after Boxing Day my Dad was rushed to hospital critical with all of his major organs failing ( I think he knew something was coming and that is why he begged me to holiday with them in Vegas for once. I LOVED your show, sat at the front of the stage, hi 5ed with you a couple of times, watched an AMAZING show then got to meet and greet the 2 of you after. Photo’s of that meeting are now WONDERFUL memories of a WONDERFUL night. You are more handsome now as you age and Debbie is a lucky woman to have you as are you to have her. I look forward to going through this new web site and seeing your posts. I one day hope to get to see you in Vegas again Donny. Until then, take care, love a fan since the beggining, Trish x

A beautiful family pic, thanks for sharing Donny.

Such a lovely photo, how great to see it, and follow your life since a little boy, we all getting on now, always be a fan, much love πŸ’•

Awesome pic

I love the family picture. You and Debbie are so wonderful together and your boys are so handsome just like you.
I know that you cherish them and they cherish you. Attempt to spend as much time with them as much as possible because never know when things are going to change.
I know because I lost my Mom almost 10 years ago of colon cancer and I lost my Dad just this past Easter very unexpectedly.
I very much want to see you and Marie in Vegas before you can no longer work.
I very much appreciate Debbie sharing you with us, your fans.
Please let her know that I say thank you.
God bless you all.

Treasures on Earth <3 Family is worth more than Gold <3