One Night Only released

September 22, 2017 London, England

My live concert from Birmingham, England, performed on February 3, 2017.

My favorite tour of all time!

Absolutely love mine. Living in Canada, I was thrilled to be able to have this.

Love this! Have the boxset, play the CD in the car all the time, lost count the number of times I’ve watched the DVD, but the icing on the cake is the bonus DVD with you singing Mandy to me in Hammersmith Apollo!

Up there with the 2004 Castle Tour. I loved every second of the 5 shows I did last year . the Glasgow Purple Card section on my DVD is almost worn out watching you sing to me on stage in Glasgow. Loved the fan interaction. xx

I have the deluxe box set. Oh my, it was like receiving a wonderful gift!!! I so enjoy listening to the CD in my car and watching the DVD at home (while I’m on my treadmill). I especially love the purple card segment. I think this is my favorite album.
Thank you so much for all you do for us, Donny!

This Fabulous Concert Was Filmed In My Home City Birmingham, England Uk. Sooooooo Happy To Have This Concert On Dvd I Will Never Stop Watching This Of Our Wonderful Time Watching The Beautiful Donny Osmond In My Home City xxxxxx

Saw the show in Bournemouth,a truly fantastic show. So lovely to be able to see the show on cd and even more amazing that I am briefly on the purple card disc. It was the closest to Donny that I ever had been. Love him

I was at the Birmingham show where DVD filmed & you read my Purple Card out💜 ,Thank you x
Hope to get to meet you one day xx

That was the BEST tour ever .. & i still to this day think about it ! 🎤🎶❤

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You are truly a great entertainer. I have loved every moment of every concert that I have ever been to but your last tour in the U.K. was definately the BEST.
You are a very kind man and I think you know that we all love you and your family. I hope that you might come back again for another tour but please, please don’t leave it ten years……

Love Linda x

Thank you, Linda. That’s very kind of you to say that.
I’ll try and get back to the UK asap. As I’ve said in the past, this was my favorite tour I’ve ever done.

So sad, I couldn’t go to the UK, even though it’s so close to Switzerland 🙁 . I would have loved to see the show live. But I’m so glad, you’ve put it on DVD, so I still could enjoy it afterwards! Thanks Donny!!

My first concert and it was awesome

This was my second donny concert. It was fantastic. Thanks sonny. Xxxx

Thank you so much for such a wonderful life with your music. You are a brilliant entertainer. Love you . Xxxxxx

Hi Donny. Thank you for all the joy you have bought into my life. Love you. Xxxx

Thanks Christine

You have said a lot that this tour was ur fave one yet .. what was it about the tour that makes you say that ?

I was able to do songs I haven’t done in a long time. Plus the audience interaction during the improve section was always fun.

It was amazing seeing you sing & have audience members up on stage with you & apart from Michael Buble ..your the only other Star that i know who interacts with fans during a show … Hope that one day in the near future ur able to come back to the UK & WoW us all over again …☺

You know I have getting replies back from “Donny Osmond” How do I KNOW that this is Really Donny Osmond that is replying back to US, his “Beloved Fans”??

Because I don’t let other people do this. Elvis told me years ago that if he could do it all over again, he would stay in closer contact with his fans. I thought that was great advice. Yes, it’s really me!

Even tho i didnt ask the previous question 😔.. its great to know that you took Elvis advice….. there’s nothing worse than thinking ur getting a reply from someone & it isnt even them ..thanks Donny for being a truly kind man ❤


I just got this cd off iTunes and I love it. I need to get the dvd so I can see what’s going on. I’m wondering is this the version of Soldier of Love from your awesome Vegas show? I think so. I love it! And love Sacred Emotion too. And I grew to love Peg cause I gave it a 2nd chance after Tina’s back and forth. I didn’t know the song b4 so I had initially dismissed it. But it’s really good and it’s another one I rock out to in the car. I can’t wait to see the D&M tour this summer ‘18!

Donny I would love to send a copy of the DVD to a friend in NZ who hasnt been able to see it yet , I know there are variations in regions but do you know if a UK DVD will play over there. Thanks 🙂 x

I’m pretty sure it works worldwide

Thanks Donny xx

I love DVD ❤