Soundtrack Of My Life

November 3, 2014 Las Vegas

“The Soundtrack Of My Life” was my 60th album and was released on November 3, 2014.

Enjoy mine. Was grateful you signed it for me during a show here in Toronto.

Got this on my iPad and phone. I sing along to survivor it’s the best song on there ooh I love your version of ‘ I who have nothing’ it truly shows off your strong vocal range. As for ‘ could she be mine’ that gets me singing and bopping about the place even when I’m not well with depression

Love this album!!! My favorite is “Could She Be Mine”!!! Love when you sing this in the Vegas show!!

A wonderful album! I love it!

SURVIVOR is my ultimate favorite Donny Osmond song, for the fact that Donny co-wrote it and it’s catchy tune. He certainly is NOT a shadow of who he used to be:) and keeps growing stronger.

Also, I WHO HAVE NOTHING, is a very powerful song–worth buying the Deluxe Edition for.

And what a life you have lived! <3 So blessed are you 🙂 So many great songs sung by such a God gifted voice (y)

Such a special CD! At Donny’s 50 years in show biz party we threw him at the Flamingo with 100+ fans, he had just finished this CD and he talked about how dear to his heart this selection of songs were to him.
And told of the special scarf he wears in this photo on the front of the CD.
This CD is so special to all us fans too. Thanks Donny for recording the soundtrack of your life.
Love ya Donny!

Thanks Diane. Yes, that was Andy Williams’ scarf and he wanted me to have it after he passed away. We all miss him.

Beautiful coverpicture. I love most of the songs, but especially I, who have nothing and Don’t give up.

Hi Donny
I cannot get these tracks to play??
Thank you for all the wonderful years you and your family have given us!
You are truly an EXCEPTINAL Family in many many ways.
God bless you all 🙂

I just checked it. It’s working. Try playing it again.

Love love love Moon River!

Me too

An album i.have played many many many times .. love it . Il be honest here .. the song Peg.. was my least favourite track .. i just couldn’t connect with it ..BUT after seeing you perform it on the Uk Tour .. its now my favourite track on the album ☺

Ha! I was hoping someone would say that. This was a complete departure from the original version by Steely Dan.
Thanks Tina.

Omg i just saw u reply lol .. im the kinda person that will always be upfront & say if i dislike something … I still dont get why i didnt like peg.. anyway i do now &thats all that matters lol 😀


Now I need to give Peg another listen! Thanks Tina. And still Love! Moon! River!

Thinking of the scarf that Donny is wearing on this album cover always makes me smile. I have a video of Donny telling fans the story of how Andy Williams scarf came to be a part of his outfit for the cover. When Donny told us about it, he asked that we don’t share until the albums release. Fast forward a whole year and I asked Donny at a meet and greet at The Flamingo, ‘Can I share the scarf story video now’ He laughs and says, ‘YES! you can share it now!’ I’m good at keeping secrets lol.

My favorite on this album is Don’t Give Up featuring Laura Wright. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

My favourite track on this album without a doubt has to be ‘ Survivor”.

Love Linda

Just love ‘Survivor’ it is a great song. Can you write a few more for your next album, please.

Love Linda

If you want an instant feel-good, drive around and blast My Cherie Amour. Donny’s version is awesome! I hope he does it live this summer on tour. He really does Stevie Wonder justice.

Just wondering are you still working on concepts for ur 62nd album 💿 ? … 62 ! that’s some amount of albums eh 😀

On FB live last week u said about a 62nd Album 🙂 .how amazing is that ! .just wondering.. Will it be completed by 2019 ? & will it come with a tour ? 🎤🎶

Hi Donny
Loved the news u just posted on social media regarding your #62nd Album…Do you hope to have it completed & released by 2019 ?
Can’t wait to hear it 🕺❤

I have no idea.
I’ll be done when I’m done. 😉