Soundtrack Of My Life

November 3, 2013 Las Vegas

“The Soundtrack Of My Life” was my 60th album and was released on November 3, 2014.

Enjoy mine. Was grateful you signed it for me during a show here in Toronto.

Got this on my iPad and phone. I sing along to survivor it’s the best song on there ooh I love your version of ‘ I who have nothing’ it truly shows off your strong vocal range. As for ‘ could she be mine’ that gets me singing and bopping about the place even when I’m not well with depression

Love this album!!! My favorite is “Could She Be Mine”!!! Love when you sing this in the Vegas show!!

A wonderful album! I love it!

SURVIVOR is my ultimate favorite Donny Osmond song, for the fact that Donny co-wrote it and it’s catchy tune. He certainly is NOT a shadow of who he used to be:) and keeps growing stronger.

Also, I WHO HAVE NOTHING, is a very powerful song–worth buying the Deluxe Edition for.

And what a life you have lived! <3 So blessed are you 🙂 So many great songs sung by such a God gifted voice (y)