Because of the Peacock, I’m a fan.

September 19, 2019 Los Angeles

So, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Donny Osmond in person 😭, and I know there is already something from Masked Singer on his time line, but this video shows the first time I became a Donny Osmond fan (knowingly).  I thought he was super hilarious when he pretended to go after Hippo and he really grabbed my attention with his performance.  I didn’t start watching Masked Singer until season 2, but when T-Pain guest judged on it I had to watch season 1 to find out how he won.  By the time the first episode ended I had forgotten I wanted to find out how he won and continued to watch because I loved the Peacock!
I posted this because I love Donny’s sense of humor and personality as well as his voice.  That video is one of a few moments I love from his time on Masked Singer.

Thanks for posting this for me. Yes, I’m a more recent Donny Osmond fan, but I’m learning quickly!😃

You did wonderful job as the Peacock you are so talented I am life time fan I knew It with the first song and first clue, But I didn’t tell LOL 😂 I had the poster Donny I grew up with you. I have your best of Donny Osmond album in my cell phone. Definitely a number 1 fan forever ❤