Edinburgh Castle concert

July 16, 2004 Edinburgh, Scotland

My ticket for Edinburgh Castle concert. Incredible show. Very moving at some parts too after just losing your dear mum. Perfect summer night and so lovely to see Debbie and the family with you,
Ps loved seeing the build up to show on the DVD but NOT the going through the glass table section!! 😳 xx

My absolute favourite place in the whole world, my spiritual home, seeing my favourite performer in the whole world with my amazing sister in law Julie, who always wanted to go to a concert where everyone screamed! She got her wish, one of my last favourite trips with her, such fun, laughs and memories, and to top it all you sang ‘My love is like a red red rose’, thanks Donny for all the great times and the fantastic friends I have made along the way, P.S. Vegas was amazing too!

Nobody and I mean nobody, sings a love song like Donny Osmond! Bravo!!!

I saw you at Leeds Castle in Kent, it was a gorgeous setting too and a brilliant concert, the perfect memory ❤️

I loved this tour and this song was just so perfect to finish the show with xx

Was lucky enough to see a few concerts of this tour, beautiful!

I love this DVD. So close to my hometown and I was far away in Seattle!

Love that dvd and that song in particular but it makes me cry every time! You should be sponsored by Kleenex,I was a blubbering wreak in Birmingham at my first ever concert

Omg ..this song always gets me choked up ,.love love love it & Your voice is absolutely impeccable ! 👌 is it a song you wrote?

Fabulous Donny such a beautiful evening with beautiful music spent with my good friends, you need to do a Summer Castle tour again sometime soon but please dont climb up the stage frame again my heart almost stopped when you climbed up there! 🙂 xx

2 day ago. I made your beautiful version of Billy Preston’s song my ring tone ..(Peg .. the song i didn’t like for a good 3 years was my previous one ) now when people call me .. i love the song so much that I dont answer till the songs finished LOL 😃

I absoultly love this DVD never tier of watching it- it’s my favourite – and this is the moment best ever 👍👍 go #Donny 😘

You are so talented and so extraordinary. You sing with so much passion it makes me cry its so beautiful .