Puppy Love – Vidio

February 17, 1972

And I will forever be remembered for this song. After all these years, I don’t mind either. It was a great song in 1972 and I still sing it in concert.

Still gives me chill bumps when I hear this song, wonderful time of my life when I heard you sing this Donny, always love your voice

I still feel the same excitement to hear it with that teenage voice!!!! Xoxo

you were singing this song to me! But you didn’t wait to marry me! haha

One of my lifes favourites, i was 12 when i first hesr this and taped it from the radio.x

You were my teenage crush I love all your music I am so happy that you have a new website looking through this brings back memories Puppy Love is my favorite but you are my favorite I see you in this site and I still get goosebumps seeing you I hope you will come to Iowa on your tour would love to see you in concert love you Donny

And there I was, singing Puppy Love right along with you Donny,in my bedroom,with posters of you on ALL my walls,ceiling and closet doors!! Oh man,talk about the good ol days! You’re just such a sweetie…

And we still scream, when you sing: someone help me……….. 🙂

You sing it well! I look forward to seeing you sing it in your 80’s:).

I remember hearing you sing this song thought what a great voice .
Being a little older I was Beatle fan loved Paul but then there was this handsome young man who had a great voice and incredible smile that stole my hear ….
Some one help me help me please

That was the moment my hormones went into meltdown and 46 years on I still feel the same when I hear it.Just wish you would sing it in full.

Where it all started for me still get butterflies when I hear this version 😍💜

My cousin and I seen y’all in early 70’s, at Angel Stadium.
You came in on a purple kite/para glider of some sort. I’m not sure if this would have been your 1972 concert? It was definitely prior to summer of 1976.
Did y’all have any other concerts at Angel Stadium between 72 and 76?
Who were opening acts? Also, what did you fly in on, and did you actually do this stunt personally, or was it a stunt double?

Btw, I shared some of your photos and songs with my teenage daughter. Her words? He’s hot!
If we used such words to ‘define’ y’all back then, I doubt your folks would have shared y’all with the world…lol

That was on my 10th Birthday!!!

This song still gives me butterflies.

Just the thought of you singing this as a teenager makes me smile. I remember screaming until I was hoarse, lol. Even today everytime I hear this song I want to scream like a teenager again…and I admit at times I still do! 😉

Loved this song as a teenager. Saw you in concert in Cardiff Wales about 12 or 13 years ago for the first time. You sung puppy love and I cried! Didn’t expect to feel so emotional

Donny, this is my favorite song of all time along with The Beatles, I Love Her. You and Sr. Paul McCartney should sing a song together. How awesome that would be!