10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana

July 1, 2007 Wembley Stadium, UIK

Donny attended the 10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana at Wembley Stadium. 💕Forgot to add the concert photo in

Three Josephs… Jason Donovan, Lee Mead and Donny Osmond performed at Wembley Stadium at the concert for Diana “Any Dream Will Do ”

I’m sure this was the day after ‘the Wales’s concert rain rain rain…

I cried during this. I remember going to a concert in Cincinnati and just wishing people would be QUIET. Your voice is a gift, your lift is a gift. Your marriage and family is your biggest, most wonderful gift. You are gifted. I hope that as you get older, you just know that you are a wonderful human being, just like any other. You did your best, used your gifts, and most importantly, LOVED YOUR WIFE AND FAMILY. Sure, I have your first album but what matters to me, is that you are still married. So, carry on, soldier of love. Heaven is waiting. <3

OMG !!! I love these & I just saw you put the most sweetest picture of Debbie Donny Prince William & Prince Harry on the Fonny Facebook page ❤