The Osmond Family in 1988

January 1, 1988 Draper, Utah

This was 1986. Mother Osmond released this through her gift shop

Can you tag or list who is who I think I got them all right except maybe one or two I was only 3 or 4 years old when I listened to your music My older sister was in love with you growing up, we had your pictures all over our wall!

Beautiful picture!


Top row
Donny Merrill Alan Jay Tom

Middle Row

Wayne Father Mother Virl

Bottom Row

Jimmy and Marie ☺

Donny, I enjoyed you on “The Mask” I knew who you were from your first clue. Yes, I remember seeing you on the Andy Williams Show as well as watching you in the 70’s ; however, I got to go to Vegas to see your awesome show. Sadly, I didn’t know the Monster who won. But I guessed the Rabbit, the Bee and of course, the Peacock 🦚Thank for going to extraordinary efforts in order to do The Mask

Merrill likes to be different, doesn’t he? 😊
Great family picture; great memories:)