1st show of 2017 UK tour

January 21, 2017 Manchester, England

The Soundtrack of My Life UK TOUR

Jan 21st-Feb 3rd 2017

21st January 2017
Day 1 of this Tour was Manchester.
 I was supposed to be going to my hometown of Glasgow 22nd Jan for my first show of the tour but was so desperate to see you live again I booked a ticket at midnight the day before for Manchester and got a car lift down from Glasgow , show was Superb got your cup and straw you threw into audience (pic attached) after the show I left to catch the 2am bus back to Glasgow for the next show got home 7am 22nd January and got ready for my Glasgow show little did I know what would happen at Glasgow show Purple Card 😁
Thank you Donny
Love Linda McIver


After one of the shows, J M Mealing got the setlist from the stage.