Donny and Marie were the youngest entertainers in TV history to host their own variety show.

January 1, 1976 Los Angeles

You and Marie were THE BEST!!!
You two literally saved me on an emotional level.

I think you still own that record, right?

I lived for Friday nights!

I was going on 10 years old and watched my first donny& marie show at my grandmother’s house in 204 marle place Bellemore,LI NY . i sat on her living room floor with my mom on couch, aunt phyllis in her chair. She always put my hair up in sheet rags to give it curls cause my hair was straight especially on Satuday night for Sunday mass. Never missed your show it was then i fell-in-love with the color purple oh ‘the memories will live forever. Then after school if i got my homework completed i was allowed to play with my aunts donny & marie dolls very carefully intimidated the show. Love you all !!!

Donny, I was nine, and mesmerized. Coming from a big family of nine kids (#8) there was no room for any of us feeling special. But when your show with Marie came on, my Mother would make it a point of clearing the room for me to watch. How special is that! Thanks for those great childhood memories. Wore my purple socks till there was nothing but tread left. <3