One Night Only!

February 3, 2017 Birmingham, England

This was definitely my favorite tour ever!

My first concert.Awesome

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ what a concert! Had a great time.

WHY OH WHYYYYY can’t I be blessed to have a front row seat to one of your shows???!!! So awesome Donny!

Can’t believe this was a year ago.Please come back soon

Love it!

Hi Donny
I think i need a new DVD of the amazing Uk Tour , ive worn my one out nearly lol

Just wanna say never ssen you solo & ur amazing shows REALLY blew me away .. Talent with a capital T !
Cannot wait for you to come to the UK again .Please come as soon as it is possible ❀

Had never seen u solo in concert … OMG was a blown away ! You are SO talented! & where’s all your energy come from ?. … unreal πŸ‘

I have all your albums on vinyl & CD. There are many songs that I love. But the ‘One Night Only’ album is without a doubt your best so far. To actually be there and watch you perform it ‘live’ was fantastic! The atmosphere was electrifying.

Love Linda

Saw it on YouTube. Amazing!!
#LongviewTexas USA

Love this and lovely memories of a great performer
Cant wait for ur new album to come out and maybe a UK tour hint hint xx