One Night Only!

February 3, 2017 Birmingham, England

This was definitely my favorite tour ever!

My first concert.Awesome

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ what a concert! Had a great time.

WHY OH WHYYYYY can’t I be blessed to have a front row seat to one of your shows???!!! So awesome Donny!

Can’t believe this was a year ago.Please come back soon

Love it!

Hi Donny
I think i need a new DVD of the amazing Uk Tour , ive worn my one out nearly lol

Just wanna say never ssen you solo & ur amazing shows REALLY blew me away .. Talent with a capital T !
Cannot wait for you to come to the UK again .Please come as soon as it is possible ❀

Had never seen u solo in concert … OMG was a blown away ! You are SO talented! & where’s all your energy come from ?. … unreal πŸ‘

I have all your albums on vinyl & CD. There are many songs that I love. But the ‘One Night Only’ album is without a doubt your best so far. To actually be there and watch you perform it ‘live’ was fantastic! The atmosphere was electrifying.

Love Linda

Saw it on YouTube. Amazing!!
#LongviewTexas USA

Love this and lovely memories of a great performer
Cant wait for ur new album to come out and maybe a UK tour hint hint xx

Hiya Donny
Were now in August …just wondering if your any closer to finishing your new album? ..from start to finish .how long did it take you to put together Sound Track Of My Life ? .. still love that album many fabulous tracks …even Peg lol ❀

This was and is (waiting for new album tour 😁) so far, my fav concert tour. There was something so special about it. You helped me ‘like’ Moon River, never been a favourite, but oh boy do i love Survivor and the fun with “Jake…….”