Piers Morgan’s “Life Stories” with Donny Osmond

October 3, 2007 Unknown

Donny’s heart wrenching interview with Piers Morgan on his “Life Stories ” show. Such an honest excellent and painful interview that made me cry just watching it! I will always have SO much respect for Donny for living a life without scandal & for setting him self high morals & sticking to them ❤

This was totally awesome, on both your parts. I’ve got a degree in Social Work and Piers was asking questions like a Social Worker would. I wonder if you realized it. I agree with your brother, you will be doing SOMETHING as long as your body can do it! Blessings to Debra also.

I grew up loving you. We are the same age.
I so enjoyed this candid interview! Thank you for the memories!
God Bless and keep you.

Can’t stop laughing at Merrils Playgirl, comment 😂 would of loved to see The Osmond Bro’s, in their prime in that same cloth 😜 LOL xx

🙈😮 OMG at your …true…comment Wendy LOL 😂