70’s Mania!

January 1, 2001 London, England

70’s Mania show I hosted in London, England back in 2001.

Never saw this one. I have to look if it’s on youtube somewhere…….

Do you remember Glasgow Apollo? I relayed my stories to the author of a book about the Apollo, that was released a few years ago, and 2 of my Osmond stories made the cut. I keep meaning to bring it to vegas to have you and Marie sign it but keep forgetting. Maybe this year!

My sister and I were taken on a surprise journey to downtown Norfolk, VA and ended up at the Osmond Concert in the 70’s!!!! Wow what an exciting and memorable first concert. I’ll never forget it. Jimmy was just going on tour with you and Marie was there! The Donny and Marie Show was a Friday night tradition in our house, I don’t believe we ever missed an episode. And then we watched Going Coconuts. You were such an important part of my childhood.. Thank you so much for the memories 🤗

The Osmond’s with Jimmy and Marie was my first concert back in the 70’s. What an amazing concert and such a wonderful and lasting memory! The Donny and Marie show was a hit in our house every Friday night, I don’t believe we missed one show. Then your movie going Coconuts came out which we watched several times. When I was dating my husband in the 80’s you all were the entertainment and the Chesapeake Jubilee in Chesapeake, Virginia! I turned into a little kid again and couldn’t stop taking pictures. To have such wonderful childhood memories made a huge impression on me. Thank you and your family for being such an important part of my life!🤗