An Evening With Donny Osmond

February 26, 2005 Vermont

Dear Donny,

This is a picture of tickets from concert in Vermont in 2005 and a picture I took of you from that show.  It was my first concert and was a birthday present from my husband.  He had tried to take me to a concert  you and Marie were scheduled to perform in Bangor, Maine, he had already purchased the tickets and had front row center seats, but unfortunately for some reason the concert had to be canceled and wasn’t rescheduled.  I was very disappointed about that as I was afraid it was my last chance to see you in concert.  I do not remember how he found out about the Vermont concert but he managed to get tickets. I can still close my eyes and recall the emotions of hearing you in person for the first time as you began the concert.  Over the years we have been to many Osmond concerts, Foxwoods, Vegas, the cruise, Boston, Pennsylvania (this concert was a spur of the moment as I was visiting my sister and found out you were nearby and there were a few tickets still available in the very last row),  We are looking forward to your next album and hope you do a tour that comes close enough that we can attend.  Thanks for all the memories from my childhood on and look forward to making many more in the years to come.

A fan for life.
Annette Babcock
Hancock, Maine.
PS.  My now 14 year old grandson discovered “Crazy Horses” on my iPod when he was 4 and for a period of about 6 months whenever he could get his hands on it he would drain the battery just playing crazy horses over and over and over….  He loved it.  When we came to Vegas he realized I was going to see the singer of “Crazy Horses” he crafted a star for me to give to you which I did during the Meet and Greet.  You loved the story and gave the star to someone telling them to be sure it got put away properly.  One of the pictures was me giving it to you and I was able to show him when we returned home and tell him how much you appreciated his thoughtfulness.