The Osmonds, Around the World

September 14, 1975 Various

I remember when this came out, was so excited to listen to see if I could hear our screams from the concert, sounds ridiculous now 🤣. I was hoping my mum and dad had bought it for me for Christmas that year and remembering being a bit sneaky by searching where they had hidden the presents, I was so excited to say the least when I found it, so naughty but happy 😍

I got this album for Christmas & wore it out. Can still hear the opening in my head “60, 59, 58, 57.., can you wait that long.?” and all the “let’s hear it for.,,”. I’m sure everyone in my house knew every word to every song in a week, non-stop playing.

I got this album for my 13th birthday from my sister. I used to know every word to every song AND all the spoken words intros etc It is a great Album!