Augusta Civic Center

August 27, 1974 Augusta, Maine

My first concert was to see you and your family at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine, on August 27, 1974.  I was 12 (and ¾) 😊  and was in heaven that summer because I have been a true Osmond Fan since I was 10 years old.

Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods opened the show before your concert.  When they finished, the auditorium went wild!  This was the first time I had ever heard of such noise but when I realized these people were also fans, I started showing my own excitement and started screaming along with my brothers and friends.  You guys were little dots but I didn’t care.  Just having your family in the same room kept me on cloud nine.  I just sat on the bleacher listening to all the familiar songs from the Brothers, you, Marie and Jimmy.    It was the most magical night I ever had and still is.

This concert ticket is the most precious item I own and I keep it safe in my school year book.

Kathy Carlson