1972 in pictures!

January 1, 1972

  1. Flip Wilson Show
  2. Other 1972 pics.
  3. Star Magazine Covers

Chuck Norris and I graduated from the same high school. The high school is North High located in Torrance, California


This is the year, you guys finally came to Holland (though it wasn’t until December) and we were all hit with ‘Osmond fever’! 🙂

this is the year I fell in love with a very handsome young man called Donny. i found a news paper clipping today wish i could post it.

I was at the show somewhere Alan was showing off his Chuck Norris moves on Jay.
He came out for the second performance without a hitch.I went to both shows cried like a baby.

The first Osmond concert for me was 1972 at the Ohio State Fair. I was one of those 13 year old teeny boppers screaming in the audience!! Our generation rocks!!

Being a die heart Osmond fan, I did know this 😍

Oh my!! I had one of those programs from the show at the Rainbow Theatre London!

WOW, looking at these pictures makes me remember running to the store to buy copies of various magazines…the store clerks used to laugh because at some point there were groups of us that knew what day the monthly magazines were to be delivered to the store! I also pulled my copy of this concert program out to page through, lol.

Dear Donny is your birthday December 9th 2019 1943 I love you , A lot.
Not Gray Dun he’s Trouble I’m a true fan of your music too . (lol:) I met you at school in 1972 -2008 I got your number 615-9351100 atkinsonkari74@gmail. com
What’s your favorite Motown Artists ?
Michael Jackson he is your good friend ?
What year he died of ?

Growing up our family never had the money for us to join the fan club or purchase things (I did get the Tiger Beat and all the magazines most months and fill my walls with Donny). Seeing one of these pictures reminded me of when I did get a Donny Osmond pillowcase for Christmas one year. I knew what it meant to my parents to buy something so special.