Celebrity Boxing Match

January 18, 1994 Chicago, Illinois

Donny gearing up for his charity fight with Danny Bonaduce.

I cant watch this fight on YouTube because it winds me up…Donny definitely should of won !!
Well, actually, Tina, I did win. I wasn’t suppose to see the score cards, but my assistant grabbed them after the fight was over and guess who had more points? You guessed it! It was a fixed fight. But it was all for charity anyway so we all had a good laugh, even though I ended up with a black eye. 😉

Omg ..soooo out of order. I knew that was fixed and you should of won.!!! ..& definitely shouldn’t have had that black eye 😡..i can now laugh when I read that you lost !..cos you didnt lol 🙂

Thanks for that story Donny ❤

“I wuz robbed I tell ya ….I could ave been a contender!”

Yes you should have won that one. I just remember he made a horrible comment about Marie and you should knock his block off for that

An awesome story !! You will always be our winner. Love you Donny Osmond ❤

Donny should have taken on B.

I was standing by Leon Spinks He said you should have won !!

I think it’s funny that a Peacock fought a Partridge. lol