Dancing With The Stars WIN!

November 24, 2009 CBS Studios, Los Angeles

The whole continent was watching and cheering for you! Much deserved win!

I absolutely LOVE that you carried your sweet wife onto the stage to celebrate! It brought tears to my eyes! Debbie is so precious to you and your truly show it!

Loved you on DWTS! I voted for you, you were great!



I love DWTS; voted for D. and watched every moment of this. Know he’s a great dancer from watching him on-stage, not surprised that he won. It’s fun to look at Donny’s tuxedo with tails in the lobby of the Flamingo hotel:). Was that really your tiny waist back then, D.:)?!! And, good thing your mirror ball trophy is behind glass there, too, or M. might steal it:)!

I lost a lot of sleep during the time of DWTS, because of the time difference between Switzerland and the USA, to vote for you.But it was all worth it.

Love love love that memory! You could tell you put your heart and soul into that competition and rightly deserved!!! I loved how you shared the moment with 2 of your favorite ladies!!! Thank you for sharing again!

Out if all the dances you did πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ ( Btw u were FANTASTIC ) … which one was the hardest one to learn ?

The Quick Step

I love the 1980’s paso doble. Only you could do something like that and make it look good.

You have so many talents! God has truly blessed you!

I was watching this again so awesome and when Donny goes and gets Marie I cry every time. I think its after being a fan for 43yrs and watching them banter all the time the love between them just touched me so. xoxo.

Amazing Choreography.
Well Deserved Win
I have to say, Your dancing was so much more than what Marie gives you credit for.

My family and I all voted for you every night. You deserved to win. A lifetime of great entertainment you have given us and you still are…

A picture of the Mirroball trophy is a must have as soon as we all get to The Flamingo, along with the must have selfie with the wrap in the background 😍 I was wondering, once you leave The Flamingo what will you do with the trophy, and who’s going to polish it? πŸ˜²πŸ˜€

I love the show and usually don’t vote but when you were on I voted with my house phone, cell phone and three different computers, you were awesome and deserved to win

You were simply FAB_U_LOUS Donny !!! Was clear to c however , how much time and effort u out in to perfecting each and every dance so it was a well deserved win !!!!! Well done …. I was rooting for u … huge hugs πŸ€— X πŸ’‹ X
Do you still do any of the dances ? Can Debbie dance πŸ’ƒπŸ» too ? X

I can not remember how many different devices that I voted for you on.When you won I screamed so loud that my son came out to tell how loud I was lol.Felt great on another level too…all the teasing that I received for being a fan over the years….it was like “take that” Ha !! You were amazing !!

You was so also me I’m glad you won congrats. That was cool how you got Debbie to share your moments.

That was such an awesome time! My Mom would watch you as well. She passed away that year. However, I loved how you carried your wife, Debbie, out on stage to celebrate the occasion as well. You were amazing!