Debut performance on The Andy Williams Show

December 2, 1962 California

My debut on The Andy Williams Show

too cute!

Loved seeing that again!

Love it…..priceless!

What a great addition to the OSMOND BROTHERS you were and are 🙂

This is really cute. I still feel bad, that I never was able to see the AW Show in Holland, because they showed it too late on dutch TV: had to be in bed around that time 🙁 .

Okay, this one ages me! I am 5 years older than you, Donny, and remember not only this debut but also the many times the Osmond’s performed on the Andy Williams show. I will never forget all of the incredible moments from the past!

I have a few tears in my eyes every time I watch this clip. You guys were SO cute!

Love Linda

Andy Williams
What a great entertainer he was.
My Family would never miss his TV show.
His show is where we got to know and love the Osmond Family

My mom saw you on the show and then found out that you all were coming to the Washington State Fair. She bought tickets for us to see you. After, we had the opportunity to speak with all of you. I spoke to you personally for a few moments. We didn’t have much to say; you were 5 and I was 6. I wish that I had a picture.
Many years later, my husband and I saw you and Marie in the same location.

It was fun seeing you on the Andy Williams show