Disney Sing-Along

April 16, 2020 Utah

The nation celebrated all things Disney on April 16th, 2020.  Many artists joined me as we sang our favorite Disney songs in a sing-along fashion. Since I am the singing voice of Captain Shang in the animated film, Mulan, I insisted on singing my favorite, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”.   I even got my grandchildren to help me out. I was so proud of how great each one of them sang and got into the character.


LOVED IT ..It was the best video I have ever seen..what an absolute joy to watch you singing with your adorable Grandchildren they were amazing 👏 little Peder and his ” Be a man ” made me smile soooo much.. I loved all their enthusiasm..they definitely stole the show 🎶❤ How long did the video take to shoot ..were the children the one take Osmonds? 😀

This sing-a-long was fun and what an unexpected and utterly precious surprise having your grandkids singing with you! It was easy to see that it was special and enjoyable for all of you! Easily the best segment of the evening!

Gosh, they were all very good…hard to say which one was my favorite. I will have to say they were all my favorite including you Donny!

This was one of the best songs ever.thank you for doing this and adding those sweet grandkids.they did such a great job…I have watched this several time since it has aired..and it just brings a smile..grandkids are awesome aren’t they?I have five and they are amazing…god bless.

Loved this Donny- how amazing you’re grandbabies were awesome #proudBapa -👌et so we’re you lol

This was the highlight of the show for me, your grandchildren are so talented. It’s such a shame that the new Live-Action Mulan won’t include any songs, I just know that they would have contacted you Donny!

This was só cute Donny, to see all your grandkids singing along with you. Emery really has a nice voice, maybe she’ll walk
in your footsteps one day!!

I loved seeing this.I have watched it several times.I think it was sweet that you included your grandkids on this.and now another on the way..congrats to you and grandma Debbie.I know you all are excited to have another girl in the family.thank you for sharing so many things..god bless.take care.

Love seeing you with your grandkids.love the song.god bless and congrats to you and Debbie on #11 grandchild on the way how exciting another girl.

It was nice to see this during the pandemic. Donny has such talented grandkids!!:) And I love this song!!!

Donny, your grandkids are the cutest!
Just like you!

The epitome of cuteness Donny, at the beginning of the clip we can see you can hardly contain your excitement as you are about to sing with your grandkids, your faces just light up when you see each other, isn;t being a grandparent just wonderful 🙂 Maybe the kids will join Bapa on stage sometime in the future? xx

Love love loved this !

OMG. I hadn’t seen this before, and I can’t even imagine how fun that was Grandpa. What a fabulous group of littles, Donny!!!

This was so cute, and a welcome treat to see Donny and family during the Pandemic. There’s certainly some talent in this family.

This was awesome, thanks Donny for sharing this to us fans of yours, it sure has made my day a brighter one. Thank you again. Be safe and take care.

It was fun to watch this during the pandemic and make us forget what was going on for a little while. Good job, Donny and family:).

The pandemic had just begun, and we were all a bit scared and worried about what was to come. I know at least for me, watching this was comforting, entertaining, and made me feel better for awhile:). Thanks Osmond Clan!