Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion”

March 22, 1970 Anaheim, CA

  1. I saw a short clip of this Disney special and all the Brothers singing “Down On The Corner”.
  2. {Just a little trivia for you… I obviously was still in school when we filmed The Haunted Mansion. There was a vacant room on the second floor, if I remember correctly. That small, tiny room served as a makeshift school room for me and my teacher. I think I’m the only person who can say that The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland was my school house! Donny}
  3. The Wonderful World of Disney” Disneyland Showtime aired on NBC March 22, 1970

Really! love that, bet you couldn’t wait to get out and explore the Mansion after school! you should watch the clip of how the ghosts and ghouls were created including the one in this picture it’s fascinating x

This was great! Brings back so many memories. I remember seeing this when if first aired. I haven’t seen it since. Thank you, Donny for including this! xo

I always remembered watching this movie and wanted to see it again. Thank you so much for sharing, I loved it. I went to Disneyworld in the early 80s and made sure I went through the Haunted Mansion!! I loved it!! Thanks for the memories.

Loved watching the Wide Word of Disney and the Haunted Mansion has always been a favorite at Disney!