Donny & Marie Show – Skunk!

January 1, 1977 Los Angeles

We had so much fun doing the D&M show and I loved pulling pranks on Marie like this one.

I always loved(and still do) the pranks you played on each other…..we need more of this entertainment on tv now………..

Love that! I miss good, clean, family television.

I agree completely with the comments above………

Literally just watched this 6 times! You guys are a crackup.

One of my favorite concert spot dialogues! Also love the album cover and the one where Marie “wrecked” your car. But the funniest concert spot you guys ever did was when you sang Help (I think it was) and your piano “caught on fire” and you got drenched! And the funniest sketch to me was the one with Betty White in Season 4 when you were a doctor and Johnny Dark was the patient and you kept telling him he was dead and he argued with you. That is hilarious!

I love when she screams at the mouse! So funny! LOL

this is the best tv memories of my childhood.

I loved this show!! I remember this prank and so many other scenes! I still have the albums too!