Donny Osmond Coming Home – Broadcast BBC Wales

March 1, 2005 Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Donny Osmond Coming Home – Broadcast BBC Wales on St Davids Day

I love my genealogy like you it fascinates and at times frustrates me LOL , loved every minute of Rootstech London.  One of my favourite TV shows was “Donny Osmond Coming Home” broadcast in March 2005 on BBC Wales.  I had home recorded this on my TV and watched regularly but one day I realised it had been erased. I was really disappointed and tried to get a copy but it wasn’t available to buy or download anywhere.

A few years later I brought the subject of genealogy and our family history up to my son and got onto telling him how great a show yours had been and that I had lost my recording.   Anyway fast forward to the following March on Mothers Day and my son presented me with a card and a little box and inside was a DVD, YES it was a copy of “Donny Osmond Coming Home”.  He had contacted the BBC for a copy but they said it wasn’t available anymore but they told him to contact producers experts etc of the show. He contacted everyone associated with the programme and eventually he got a copy for me to keep.  I have an amazing and thoughtful son xx 🙂  I am watching the show at the moment, I Love it, but I realised its not on your timeline so attaching a few screenshots from the programme for the timeline.
Love Linda x