Earls Court Concert (1st performance)

May 28, 1975 London, UK

  1. Dear Donny
    This was my second Osmond Concert! My friend Joan and I made a huge banner out of a sheet which we spread out on her lawn to paint on it.
    We lived in Manchester and the concert was in London so my Dad came with us as we were only 15. We had to go on a coach and needless to say it was full of Osmond fans!  My poor Dad and brother had to endure all us girls singing Osmond fans the whole way there and back!
    After the concert Joan and I went to Knightsbridge (along with everyone else) and stood screaming outside the house that you were staying in!
    Then we got back on the coach home at about midnight.
    Happy Days! I think this was the concert where ‘Around The World Live’ album was recorded?

Thanks for the great memories xx

Karen Wittam


My friend Claire and I were just 15. We finally got to see ‘Donny Osmond’ at our first ever concert when you swung out over the audience!

Christine Noone


Hi Donny

Oh the memories. Screamed til my ears popped and throat was like razor blades after lol. 1975 Earls Court…miss those good old 70s days 😪
Tina Burgess