November 27, 2013 Los Angeles

My nephew, Hyrum Osmond was the supervising animator on Disney’s Frozen. While animating Prince Hans during the song “Love Is an Open Door,” Hyrum wanted to add a little Donny Osmond mannerisms to the Prince. “I originally had the section under a waterfall with his eyes closed and raised his arm exactly like the signature Donny Osmond move just really belting it out,” Hyrum explained. The directors felt that was just a little too Donny Osmond, so we pulled that back.”
I guess I can say that with my voice as Captain Shang in Mulan and mannerisms of Prince Hans in Frozen, you all can refer to me as a Captain and a Prince. LOL! 😜

LOL ..& A King … the King of Purple Socks 😀

Donny you are a Prince among men!

You’ll always be my Prince! But Prince Hans turns out to be a jerk 🙁 Maybe they should’ve given Kristoph the Donny Osmond flair

My daughter just saw Frozen 2 last night–wonder if Hyrum worked on that & included anything, “Donny?” Maybe one day you’ll be knighted by the Queen–Sir Donny has a nice ring to it!

It was really funny and I didn’t understand it at the time but watching that scene with Anna and Hans singing Love is an Open Door, I thought of you. My granddaughter loved the movie and we watched it many times. Every time I thought of you. It wasn’t until I watched the story of the making of the movie and the interview with Hyrum that it finally made sense. I thought of you because it was you!!