Going Coconuts – the movie

October 6, 1978 Oahu, Hawaii

Going Coconuts, the movie.

I remember my mom taking me to see this movie when it came out. It wasn’t until I saw it again many years later that I realized “Lurch” from the TV’s The Addams Family was in it…Ted Cassidy!

Even if this wasn’t the best movie of all times (like you said yourself 🙂 ), I loved watching you and Marie acting. I watched it together with my parents and we loved seeing all the places of Hawaii, we visited ourselves.

Love it!!

I was a huge Donny and Marie fan. Still am. I’m tryi g to track down a copy of this movie to purchase. Cannot find one. Any ideas?

These songs play on my pandora. Loved this movie!

I have watched that movie over and over again love it.

I loved this movie!! I remember going with my mom and sister to see it!!

Isn’t this when you ask Debbie to marry you?