Hammersmith Apollo in London

January 31, 2017 Hammersmith, Apollo, London.

The Soundtrack of My Life UK TOUR

Contributing the picture I love the most of you in action that I took January 2017 at the Hammersmith Apollo.. first time I.had seen you solo..you were absolutely phenomenal..looking forward to your next #DonnyTour 🕺🎶❤

I so love this pic I took & love how you signed it
🎶 I’m too sexy for my keytar 🎶 ..& I agree ..yep you definitely was lol 😍

I remember this photo ! Donny posted It on Instagram a couple of years ago. It is nice to know the owner of such an amazing photograph. I see all of your post’s in the Donny Osmonds World group on facebook, love everything you put out sista!

Hi Greer
Aww thank you..glad you enjoy my posts I enjoy posting them ❤