Happy Birthday e-card

May 20, 2018

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Donny brings his unmatched showmanship to birthday celebrations everywhere with this humorous song. It’s the latest addition to the Hollywood SmashUps™ collection of customizable video ecards from American Greetings.
Have Donny do the honors, dancing and singing his way through his fun birthday song that he co-wrote, customized for whomever you choose. People of all ages will be blown away by the personalized (and hilarious!) wishes in which Donny actually sings their name and age for a truly unique birthday greeting. With more than 1,000 names to choose from, it’s easy to make anyone feel special.
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How cute.so excited to see what you have done for American greetings.great job Donny.your awesome in all you do.love it,love you

Love this ..its bsolutely AMAZING .. every fans dream of having Donny singing to them on their Birthday ..can now come true 🎉🎂🎤🎶 Must of taken ages to sing all the names on the list ?

Happy 56th Birthday on 3rd June

This is brilliant.I love the way you say my name.Looking forward to hearing you say it for real in October

My friends and family are already planning to send me this in November. And I’m sure all other Donny-devotee’s will be receiving it, as well!!

Soooo cool Donny love this idea.and how it works 🙂 isnt technology fantastic!! You do know I will be expecting you to be sitting like that on my Birthday cake too LOL
cant wait till December now for my Birthday xxx

can you get them in england

Yes. Worldwide.

Have U sent one to anyone yet ? 😀

I sent one to my friend last week …made her happy 😀 she was like .. “OMG next to ice.. this is the coolest thing ive ever been sent “

Quite a few.

Wow really ! If i give you my email address .. how bout sending me one then lol
#AGirlCanTry 😜

I just might.😊 I put that option on the first page of donny.com.

Did you know that we are related???

Hello 🙂
Just wondering… do we still send in a B/Day greeting request from u on here ? or are you only taking requests on Instagram & Fb ?

It’s on the homepage on Donny.Com

I’ve been a Donny Osmond fan since my teen years ! My inner teenage heart child is skipping a beat in excitement with the possibility of a personalized birthday wish.

This is brilliant Donny! Hoping that someone will send it to me on my birthday, May 21st (hinthint) lol

Donnie. We share the same exact birthday 12-9-57. I am an airline pilot living in Sag Harbor, Long Island. Hope 61 is a great Birthday for both of us! Cfcanavan57@gmail.com

Happy Bietherday to someone who mad teen years happy years away back in the 1970’s thank you and I love you xoxoxoo

Thank you Donny .the card you put together with American greetings has been such a joy.today (January 9 2019 )is my 61 birthday..love the birthday song.I danced along with you lol as I watched it.you are so appreciated for all the talent you share..

Would have loved this on my birthday. I turned 60 in November. I’ve been a fan since early 70’s. I went to a concert In 1972 to see you and your brothers. Loved it!

My sister is going to love this! Just curious, is this music unique to the E-card? I didn’t recognize it

Yes. I wrote it just for American Greetings.

I love this card so much! I have sent it or scheduled to send it to everyone I know from age 4 to 78. It is so fun. Donny, you are a consummate entertainer. The song is so catchy and fun. And your dancing is impeccable. Who wouldn’t want Donny Osmond personally singing their name and age and dancing while wishing them Happy Birthday?

Even those who are not Donny Osmond fans love this card. My cousin’s husband said, “Oh my gosh I was dying! That was amazing! Had me smiling ear to ear!” in his thank you to me for sending him the card. Others have said it was the best birthday card they have ever received.

I think I have as much fun making the cards for people as they do receiving them. I get so excited when it’s someone’s birthday and I know they will be receiving your card that I sent them.

Donny, your work is always top-notch and this is no exception. Very high quality and well produced. Thank you Donny and American Greetings for producing the best birthday card in the history of mankind.

I got 2 yesterday and they have been played many times.I love the way you say my name.And I love the 29 and holding option!

At least it is not a pie in the face or you being thrown into a pie.

I just downloaded the Smash Ups app so I can have your Happy Birthday song always ready for friends birthdays 🎂 Perfect way to make someone’s birthday extra special 🎂😍🎶🎤

Hi Julie.
I hope you enjoy it.

It will be used a LOT! 😉 And I’ll be reminding friends about it come my birthday 🎂

Brilliant – not compatible to my phone 🤔 although I do send from Donny.com – et to everyone 😂😂

Android version is coming out in June.

Been sending your Birthday E cards to friends and family since it was launched last year Donny Love it and everyone loved receiving it. I’ve now sent 40 lol . Must do better next year when the android app is launched.

Yes I can tell you how pleased i was to receive one from my friend Grace McCaul, above.
Also without her instruction as to how to leave you message on here. Thanks Grace.

My brother Denny,Who worked with you many years ago, sent me your e-card birthday greeting on June 3 rd And I am still replaying it to all my family and friends. It puts a great smile on my face and all who hear it. Thanks, what a great concept . It brought back many wonderful memories. God bless

This is AMAZING. How in the world is this done? Donny, did you really sing all those names and ages?!? This is beyond impressive.

I am 13 again!!! Donny Osmond said my name!!!

My 60th birthday on the 18th July would love for Donny to sing happy birthday to me xx

Off topic..but just wanted to ask. I cannot seem to find an OFFICIAL Donny Osmond 2020 yet ? Have you made one for next year , please. ?
Thankyou x

Donny! I got one sent to me for my 62 birthday. And i loved it. I have played it over and over. It really put a smile on my face and it made my 62 birthday fantastic. My most favorite one

I would love Donny to surprise me on my 6oth birthday which is October 21st..I’m the same age as Marie..

Hi Donny my friend in Vegas tonight to see you and Marie- it’s her 60th she’s so excited try sing the song to her – Susan Stewart from #Edinburgh fingers xxxx

My cousin sent me this card, and it totally blew my mind. I laughed so hard – showed my husband and he was also amazed. This is so great; and it totally made my birthday! Awesome awesome awesome!!!

Hi Donny
I.got sent 5 these on my 62nd Birthday on October 30th – was so grateful to my thoughtful friends. Loved hearing you sing 🎶 Tina – it’s your birthday 🎶
Best birthday greeting ever 🎉🙂❤

I loved mine on my October 10th bday! I ended up sending it to my aunt a few days later on her bday. She couldn’t believe you sang to her (Janice). Lol! 💜

Hi Donny
Thrilled that thoughtful friends sent me 5 of these E Cards on my 62nd Birthday a few days ago LOVE hearing you sing 🎶 Tina – it’s your birthday 🎶
It was the best birthday EVER 🎉🎂❤

Happy 60th julie

I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you

I love how it can be personalized for the recipient and my friends have all enjoyed receiving it! As soon as I started sending it out they all wanted one!

Hi Donny we thought post a Valentine’s card for everyone 🤗😍😍be so cool what you think xx ?

This is fantastic!! My amazing friend at work, Linda is 60 years young on Wednesday (11th march) and is a massive Donny and The Osmonds fan, this will make her day. Can’t wait to surprise her!

Donny, my mom sent this to me for my birthday. Loved it! Great birthday surprise. I tell people you did this especially for me for who I am sending it to 🙂

I loved your Birthday performance for me. A fan for years. I was so surprised to get this from my cousin. My friend Kim was jealous…she said she was supposed to marry you. LOL 😉

We were watching your Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on PBS one night, when my wife went into labor. Since then, we bought the DVD and we watch it every time on his birthday. I came upon this site last night and sent him the birthday ‘card’ today. Thought it was a great tie in to our tradition. Unfortunately, Davis is not a choice, but David is close enough and I still think it is hilarious.

Howdy Donny, any chance I could get a Mother’s Day song for my mom Janette? (pronounced Juh-net)She’s has been a huge fan since I can remember!

Sent to my oldest daughter who is a rabid Osmond fan. She says” nothing can top this”! Thank you for doing this!

Dear Donny
On 30th October, my best friend & one of your biggest & dedicated fans Tina Burgess, is 63 years young. She, has always dreamed of recieving a birthday greeting from you. Please Donny, make her Birthday one to remember by wishing her a Happy Birthday🎂.
Thank you,
Sincerely, Zoey,

I love Donny Osmond for a long time. And be of fans for many years. I would love to meet him again. And also I love to meet his Sister Marie too.

I was so happy today to get a
With Donny singing to me
On my
61st birthday!! So stinking cute still after all these years

My brother sent your Birthday card to me
for my 73rd. Loved it. The singing and dancing were wonderful. Now, I wish you a very Happy Birthday & many more.

Hi Donny, I received your message as part of a video montage yesterday for my 60 th birthday. Sadly in lockdown but this made me smile, especially as you popped up in between my ‘friends’!…
I live in hope that one year you will pop in for real🙄🤗😳🥰