Heathrow Airport Catastrophe

October 21, 1973 London, England

My admission ticket to Heathrow Airport on 21 October 1973 when the wall collapsed. My friend and I were right next to it but didn’t take it in until after the event as we were so excited about seeing the family arrive. My other memory of that day was the gangs of teenage boys taking their lives in their hands by taunting the fans with Slade and T Rex posters. So funny looking back but we didn’t find it amusing at the time.

I remember being there too, I was 11 years old and went there with my sister, we were standing behind that wall for a while but then moved to a different place before the Osmond family arrived, lucky we did. Can’t imagine letting my daughter travel all the way to Heathrow via countless buses in this day and at that age, it’s amazing what we used to do then. Definitely the good old days 😄

I was there, played hooky from school, my mum knew but said she would not write me an excuse letter. So went to school next day with sore throat thinking I would be ok ….. but no the headmistress had a copy of a newspaper and you guessed it my friend and I were right on the front. Those were the days