He’s My Brother at The Orleans in Las Vegas

April 25, 2015 Las Vegas

In 2015, Donny surprised the audience at The Orleans in Las Vegas, by joining his brothers for a song.

Makes me cry every time I hear this, Its just your family song always will be. Miss the days of all the brothers performing together, would be lovely to see you Jay Merrill and Jimmy do some concerts together one day sending love to Alan and Wayne miss them too xx

This was a wonderful surprise for everyone at The Orleans that night, and the perfect song. Very emotional in a good way.

Love this! LOL!!

What I wouldn’t give to see all the brothers together! What a lucky audience! I’m so jealous. It looks like it was fun!

LOVE IT when I hear you and your brothers sing this song!

Harmonies tight as always, the love evident. Great seeing Jimmy in this clip and as always the playfulness from all of you.

Beautiful just so very beautiful ❤