HMV CD Signing

November 12, 2014 London

You hadn’t been back to the U.K. for 11 yrs. It was great to be able to see you at HMV CD signing in 2014 after such a long time.
The second photograph was the first time I met you outside “The Osmond Studio.” in Utah. My first and only visit to Utah back in 1980. I was extremely lucky to have a ticket to the concert at B.Y.U.

The second photograph is my first time meeting you in the flesh at ‘The Osmond Studios in Prove, Utah. Yes, I know, your home town. Totally unexpected! Don’t think I even spoke to you. Ha! I’m not sure that you were that happy about having to stop and have another photograph taken. Wasn’t I lucky!
A few months later you guys came to England. You stayed at ‘The Ritz’. Couldn’t get near you. Us girls had blocked the door way at the side of the hotel.
The first photograph was taken at HMV CD signing. Didn’t get much time with you. A quick photograph and in a flash you were gone.
My most memorable time was the 80s. Over a period of two to three years, we had a lot of laughs, followed you all over the place. Got to know you as a person and not just a pin-up on our wall.
Waiting for the next.