I Can See Your Voice

November 4, 2020 Los Angeles

Donny was a guest singer and judge on “I Can See Your Voice”

Hello Donny… I was hoping to find out about a video birthday greeting for my sister who turns 60 on Dec 22nd. Four Years ago she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Received Chemo… and is now Cancer free from that… but a couple of years ago she then had to have Radiation on spots on her breast for breast cancer. At present she is having her second round of chemo … but now for lung cancer. Is there any way I could have a special video greating from you to play for her on her 60th birthday. Thanks so much for listening. Barb barbiekins1959@gmail.com

I really like this show. If you were invited to be on the new Masked Dancer, would you do it and would you rather be a guest panelist or a contestant? I think we would all spot you and your moves straight away! 🕺

Always great to see you on tv and who better to judge?

This was a fun show to watch…it would have been great to have your duet partner actually be able to sing, but your expressions and reactions made me LOL 😉