James Bond Bedroom

January 1, 1974 Provo, Utah

Donny has always been a huge James Bond fan. In fact, when he was 16 years old, he motorized almost everything in his room.

Donny loves electronics so he built a  workbench in his bedroom but there wasn’t enough space in his room for a bed and a workbench so he came up with a plan to motorized everything. It was a room that even 007 world be jealous of.

  • His bed came down from the ceiling but it could only come down half way because of the workbench.
  • When the bed was down, two doors would close it all up (one for the bed and one for the workbench) so it looked like a wall when both doors were closed.
  • He had a bookcase at the foot of his bed that could also be lowered to the workbench area.
  • Since the bed could only come down half way, he built an elevator that would lift him up to the bed so there was no need for a ladder.
  • His closet retracted into the ceiling
  • And many more high tech things.