Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Video

January 1, 1999 Pinwood Studios, London, UK

You’ve always been handsome but WOW! With long hair!!! OMG!!!
I’m sure you’re sick of hearing how handsome you are. Just know you & your family are so very loved. Y’all have made the world smile for such a long time! That’s what entertainment is all about! The Osmonds have perfected entertaining! Thank you!

I loved going to see this with you in.💜

Even though I loved the live shows better than the movie, I’m still glad I bought this one. It’s a great memory. You are great in it,( as you usually are 🙂 ), but I would have loved to see Johnny Seaton in this movie (he just IS Elvis), as well as other players of the live show, like the one who played your father and the one who played Mrs. Potiphar. I think it’s also a pitty, the funny parts of the live shows were taken out, but I understand, that keeping those parts in, probably wasn’t possible.

Never saw this on stage but was lucky enough to see the movie in Leicester Square.

You know, I never thought this wig looked like Michael Bolton until Jenny McCarthy said so! lol

I loved the movie. I never had the chance to see you in it live, but the movie is a super replacement for live. Love love it.

I loved the live productions, but this video was a great way to share it with my kids.

They perfect Joseph