Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

September 23, 1993 Chicago

Opening night: September 23rd, 1993

Closing night… Unknown. Sometime in early 1995. Does anyone out there know the exact closing night in Chicago?

We think Donny still holds the record for the longest running musical in Chicago. Are we correct?


Milly, I found an article in the Chicago Tribune written by Richard Christiansen which stated that “Joseph” was to run through January 5. I haven’t found anything to contradict that, so…

Saw “Joseph” during its run in Chicago with Donny. I was with a “friend” who treated me to a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Chicago for my Birthday followed by “Josep”. It was one of the best nights in my life. The show was great, but Donny was Awesome!! I was able to get my program signed after the show (not in person), but it was ok. Thank you, Loren Hirsch for a truly memorable evening!

The closing night for Chicago’s third and last run was January 5, 1997!